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  1. There's a huge smile on my face right now thinking about where you're going over the next 24 (and some). So glad I get to be on the sidelines as a spectator and a cheerleader!

  2. His wife is not mentioned. Achan probably was a single Dad. Whats really amazing about this story is that this incident would not have escaped Rahab’s attention. She stil chose to stay with the people of Israel. The fact that Joshua executed Achan’s children is disturbing. Did God tell him to do that? Or was that an over reaction based on his deep fear that God woould abandon him?

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  4. Hmm.. Olen aika hämmentynyt että l’oréal muka olisi ok… Itselläni on vieläkin vanhat meikit tallella ja en tiedä mitä niille tekisin. L’oréalin huulipunakin on vielä tallella, mutta pelkään niin paljon niitä kemikaaleja kun olen lukenut parabeeneista yms että uskaltaako niitä enään iholle laittaa?

  5. the demographics are changing, or have already changed. Obama won women (overall) by 11 points, and Hispanics by about 50. He has a coalition of all the “outsider” groups. I just hope the GOP doesn’t try to double-down and go farther right, or they will be extinct.

  6. These people aren’t even trying to hide who they are anymore and it is probably because they feel that they gave a sympathizer in the White House. This is good because the more the expose themselves the quicker it will backfire on them.

  7. Roxie sagt:

    I went to tons of links before this, what was I thigkinn?

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