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  1. Hi Dr. Steve,Again a great info video and i could’nt agree more with your info, as usual.And also i tell my clients, like you: be happy with what you have and not unhappy with what you do not have !BO.

  2. Thanks for a great post Dani. Reading it and all the replies highlights that we are not alone. Its hard, not for whimps (as Lucy pointed out) and I think if we were men, we’d probably given up already…

  3. Yes, take it as it comes, and remember that each child is different, and has their challenging phase at a different time. I used to hate it when my child was two and people would say, “Just wait until three!” Try to tune it out!

  4. That 'Film Festival' idea doesn't sound too bad… I do think that there are too many gatherings being organized, and those currently are not 'Officialized'. To have a yearly gathering that is specifically organized by YouTube would probably have a better turnout. Still doesn't mean I would guarantee to attend, but I would rather attend an 'official' event over one organized by random members. It would probably give people a better sense of security and assurance.

  5. à°¸ుà°œాà°¤ à°—ాà°°ు à°ˆ à°ªుà°¸్తకం à°Žà°²ా చదవాà°²ి à°…à°¨ేà°¦ి à°’à°• à°¬ుà°š్à°šిà°¬ాà°¬ు à°—ాà°°ి à°šివరిà°•ి à°®ిà°—ిà°²ేà°¦ి à°²ేà°¦ా à°šà°²ం à°—ాà°°ి à°®ైà°¦ాà°¨ాలకి à°®ాà°¤్à°°à°®ే వర్à°¤ిà°¸్à°¤ుంà°¦ా à°²ేà°•à°ªొà°¤ే à°°ామయణ, మహాà°­ాà°°à°¤ాలకు à°•ూà°¡ా వర్à°¤ిà°¸్à°¤ుంà°¦ా ? à°…ంà°Ÿే à°¨ా ఉద్à°¦ేà°¶్à°¯ం à°°ామయణ, మహాà°­ాà°°à°¤ాలను మన ఇష్à°Ÿà°®ొà°š్à°šినట్à°²ు à°šీà°²్à°šిà°šెంà°¡ాడవచ్à°šు à°•ాà°¨ి à°šివరిà°•ి à°®ిà°—ిà°²ేà°¦ి , à°®ైà°¦ాà°¨ాà°²ు à°®ాà°¤్à°°ం à°•్à°²ాà°¸ిà°•్à°¸్ à°—ా à°­ాà°µింà°šాà°²ా à°…à°¨ి ?

  6. http://www./ sagt:

    Erin and I are both green with envy that you are in England in April. We are remembering our whirl wind trip there last April to see the wedding! God, it’s beautiful there in the spring. Unlike Seattle where it is tipping buckets!!!! xoxo

  7. November 10, 2012  1:51 pm by I would like to take the opportunity of saying thanks to you for the professional direction I have often enjoyed viewing your site. We are looking forward to the actual commencement of my college research and the entire preparing would never have been complete without browsing your website. If I could be of any help to others, I’d be delighted to help through what I have discovered from here.

  8. Louisa sagt:

    The hotesny of your posting shines through

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