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  1. http://www./ sagt:

    Une patate à hachis, une jeune patate à claques, une patate qui fume, une patate à saucisse, une patate en slip, une grosse patate, oune badateu fasheune, une patate qui coute cher, une patate tueuse !!!Je crois que j’ai rien compris !! )

  2. It showed its hand and exposed its true self.Not a fleeting thought was given to the universal human wrongness in threatening an innocent child under any circumstance.Its first thought was to try and use potential guilt of the parent to lessen the inexcusable guilt of a monster with a gun.Psychopaths cannot take blame. They cannot except responsibility. They cannot admit fault.It’s an illness,

  3. Lovie sagt:

    Absolutely first rate and cotbtr-poepomed, gentlemen!

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